About Raven's Heart Gallery

Raven's Heart Gallery stands for art with heart; expressing kindness, compassion and respect for all life. Art that inspires us to explore deeper parts of ourselves where we can find peace, beauty and a sense of connection.

Raven's Heart Gallery provides a bridge between art makers and art lovers. We treat our artists and collectors fairly and honestly. We represent and promote our artists with marketing, shows, artist talks and workshops.

Raven's Heart Gallery features the works of Gary Kalpakoff and Cyrus Mejia along with other established and emerging artists from the region and beyond. 

Raven's Heart Gallery co-owners

Cyrus Mejia and Gary Kalpakoff

Raven's Heart Gallery co-owners

About Cyrus:

Cyrus Mejia is Co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society. In 1984 Mejia was part of the advance team, arriving in Kanab to build the sanctuary. He later worked with his wife Anne to create the Welcome Center and the visitor's experience at Best Friends. Mejia works in Best Friends Culture and Talent Division and sits on the Board of Directors. His artwork has been exhibited nationally, spreading the message of kindness and compassion and serving as a call to action for the animals. Cyrus Mejia lives in Kanab, Utah, with his wife Anne and their family of dogs and cats. Catch Cyrus up at the gallery, during all our of FIRST FRIDAY! events. 

About Gary:

"I do not limit myself to one or two types of photography. I see a picture - I make an image. It is as simple as that. I take what is given to me, be it wildlife, barns, sand dunes or flowers. I live in a beautiful area with many attractions, and I feel as though I have only scratched the surface of photographic possibilities." Catch Gary  at the gallery on all Fridays from 11AM to 7PM. 


Raven's Heart Gallery is located in Kanab, UT. Home of Best Friends Animal Society and located in the heart of Southern Utah's natural wonders. 

Raven's Heart Gallery

57 West Center St. Kanab, UT 84741

Gallery Hours


Tuesday through Thursday 11:00AM - 5:00PM

Friday and Saturday 11:00AM - 7:00PM

Sunday 4:00PM - 9:00PM